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IALE-Iran Symposium in IALE European Congress

From pattern and process to people and action
Ghent, 12-15 September 2017


IALE-Iran Symposium:

Linking Landscape Ecology to Regional Planning and Conservation in Semi-Arid Areas, Obstacles and Solutions


Drylands cover approximately 40% of the world’s land area. Rapid landscape change has taken place in many semi-arid regions over the last decade. In addition, these areas face interactive effects of climate change and land use changes. This symposium, will help to advance landscape ecology research in the area of conservation planning, and regional land use planning in semi-arid areas and promote interdisciplinary research and communication among scientists, planners, and other professionals. The symposium will critically consider the question "Where are we with decision-relevant, landscape-scale land use planning, and conservation planning” and speakers will present attributes of various methodologies for semi-arid regions around the world. 

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