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Sustanability at IUT

Sustainability at Isfahan University of Technology

Sustainability at IUT connects people across the University with information, tools, and inspiration for the challenge at hand: making IUT sustainable for the long term



What is Green Campus?


Growing environmental awareness has placed environmental subjects on the public agenda. It is for several years that Isfahan University of Technology offer graduate and undergraduate programs on the environment. However, alongside growing emphasis on environmental study, efforts are also focusing on introducing environmental behavior into university campuses.

The promotion of the environment in university can take place on several levels:

  1. On the academic level
  2. On the administrative
  3. On the practical level




The criteria for the accreditation of IUT as "Green Campuses":


  1. Environmental Studies
    The campus will allow each student to take one elective course on the environment.


  1. Contribution to the Community
    campus will choose and implement a community environmental project, to be conducted by the administration, the students and the community. The project should lead to a change in behavioral and conceptual norms in the community in terms of environmental orientation.


  1. Rational Use of Resources
    campus will choose and implement one environmental aspect: a "reduction" program such as reduction of electricity use, water use, private car use, paper use or an "increasing" program. Such as increase in the quantity of bottles, toners, batteries and water collected for recycling.  



The Three R's







101 ways to go green in college:




Some of Green Universities:

Harvard University

Princeton University

University of British Columbia

California State University, Chico

Yale University

University of Maryland


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