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Journal Papers
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Monitoring Spatiotemporal Changes in Land Use/Land Cover and its Impacts on Ecosystem Services in Southern Zambia March 2024
Impacts of spatio-temporal change of landscape patterns on habitat quality across Zayanderud Dam watershed in central Iran April 2024
Identifying priority areas for conservation: using ecosystem services hotspot mapping for land-use/land-cover planning in central of Iran February 2024
Rethinking connectivity modeling for high-mobility ungulates: insights from a globally endangered equid March 2024
Spatially heterogeneous habitat use across distinct biogeographic regions in a wide-ranging predator, the Persian leopard March 2023
Soundscape analysis using eco‑acoustic indices for the birds biodiversity assessment in urban parks (case study: Isfahan City, Iran) April 2023
 Quantifying the relationship between landscape patterns and ecosystem services along the Urban–rural gradient May 2023
Measuring the extent and impact of urban expansion in an agricultural-urbanized landscape in Central Iran Summer 2023
Evaluating resampled and fused Sentinel-2 data and machine-learning algorithms for mangrove mapping in the northern coast of Qeshm island, Iran, March 2023
Spatial Prioritization for Ecotourism through Applying the Landscape Resilience Model September 2022
A hybrid GIS-OWA and DANP method for the identification and evaluation of ecotourism attractions: the case study of Abbas Abad Wildlife Refuge, Iran January 2022
Social Network Analysis for Planning and Environmental Co-management Summer 2022
Applying a systematic conservation planning tool and ecological risk index for spatial prioritization and optimization of protected area networks in Iran, Journal for Nature Conservation February 2022
The Gender Gap in Land Sciences: A Review of Women’s Presence on the Editorial Boards of Peer-Reviewed Journals October 2022
Mapping disturbance in mangrove ecosystems: Incorporating landscape metrics and PCA-based spatial analysis, March 2022
Optimization of geographical space of ecosystem service areas and land-use planning, Iran August 2022
 Assessing and mapping recreation value as an ecosystem service in central part of Esfahan Province, Iran April 2022
Mapping terrestrial ecosystem health in drylands: comparison of field-based information with remotely sensed data at watershed level May 2022
Species versus within-species niches: a multi-modelling approach to assess range size of a spring-dwelling amphibian January 2021
Assessing the Impact of Road Networks on Decreasing the Quality of Wildlife’Habitats Using the Vicinity Impact Index (Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province) February 2021
Assessing future distribution, suitability of corridors and efficiency of protected areas to conserve vulnerable ungulates under climate change July 2020
Evaluation of Biophonies in Isfahan Parks, Using Acoustic Indices Fall 2020
Application of InVEST habitat quality module in spatially vulnerability assessment of natural habitats (case study: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Iran) July 2020
Land Cover Classification in Mangrove Ecosystems Based on VHR Satellite Data and Machine Learning—An Upscaling Approach January 2020
Comparing landscape suitability and permeability with and without migration data: the influence of species movement behavior July 2020
Evaluating potential of arid and semi-arid regions in maintaining suitable habitats for montane ungulates under climate change Case study: wild sheep (Ovis sp) and wild goat (Capra aegagrus) January 2020
Assessment of genetic variation and evolutionary history of Caucasian Grouse (Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi). April 2019
Geographic separation and genetic differentiation of populations are not coupled with niche differentiation in threatened Kaiser’s spotted newt (Neurergus kaiseri) April 2019
Comparing different classification algorithms for monitoring mangrove cover changes in southern Iran May 2019
Patterns and determinants of human-carnivore conflicts in Central Iran: realities and perceptions behind the conflict Winter 2019
Integrated Coastal-Terrestrial Conservation Planning for landscape-scale reserve design in Southeastern Iran, Summer 2019
Road-induced fragmentation and the environmental value of roadless areas in a partly protected landscape in Central Iran July 2019
Altitudinal heterogeneity and vulnerability assessment of protected area network for climate change adaptation planning in central Iran March 2018
Mapping and monitoring of the structure and function of rangeland ecosystems in central Zagros, Iran Fall 2018
Evaluating and modeling the spatiotemporal pattern of regional-scale salinized land expansion in highly sensitive shoreline landscape of southeastern Iran December 2018
Habitat suitability mapping for sand cat (Felis margarita) in Central Iran using remote sensing techniques Winter 2018
Modeling Habitat Suitability of the Dolphins Using MaxEnt in Makran Sea, South of Iran Winter 2017
Assessment of the Conservation Status and Habitat Suitability of Critically Endangered Lorestan Newt (Neurergus Kaiseri) in Lorestan and Khuzestan Provinces Fall 2016
Environmental Vulnerability Assessment in Abassabad Protected Area in the Face of Human Impact and Natural Disturbances Fall 2016
Impacts of Land Use Changes on Water Quality of Anzali International Wetland Winter 2016
Ecological Impact Assessment of Road Network at Landscape Scale Using Spatial Road Disturbance Index (SPROADI) Fall 2016
Determining Priority Areas for Ecological Restoration in Khojir National Park Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Spring 2015
Monitoring Landscape Changes in Caucasian Black Grouse (Tetrao mlokosiewiczi) Habitat in Iran during the Last Two Decades Summer 2015
Modeling the Propagation of Noise Pollution from Isfahan’s West Ringway in Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge Using SPreAD-GIS Fall 2014
Network Analysis and Key Actors Toward Wildlife Management (Case Study: Habitat of Caucasian Black Grouse, Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve) Fall 2014
Applying Circuitscape Theory to Identify Migration Corridors Between Mooteh and Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuges in Isfahan Province-Iran March 2014
Analysis of Land Cover Changes in the Central Part of Isfahan (Iran) Using Landscape Metrics March 2014
Using the SLEUTH Urban Growth Model to Simulate Future Urban Expansion of the Isfahan Metropolitan Area, Iran. Summer 2014
Ecological Impact Assessment of Isfahan’s West Ringway on Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge Using Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP). March 2013
Quantifying Landscape Spatial Pattern Changes in the Caucasian Black Grouse (Tetrao mlokosiewiczi) Habitat in Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve Fall 2013
Assessment of Land Cover Changes & Water Quality Changes in the Zayandehroud River Basin Between 1997-2008 June 2013
Landscape-Scale Impacts of Transportation Infrastructure on Spatial Dynamics of Two Vulnerable Ungulate Species in Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge, Iran June 2013
Profiteers of environmental change in the Swiss Alps: increase of thermophilous and generalist plants in wetland ecosystems within the last 10 years March 2012
Multi Objective Land Allocation (MOLA) for Zoning Ghamishloo Wildlife Sanctuary in Iran February 2011
Adaptation and Extinction in Experimentally Fragmented Landscapes November 2010
Loss of habitat specialists despite conservation management in fen remnant 1995-2006 November 2009
A study on the feasibility of establishing a habitat corridor for large herbivores between Mooteh and Ghameshloo Wildlife Refuges March 2005
Conference Papers
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Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Protected Areas in central Iran using the Climate Change Velocity Metric September 2017
Monitoring Mangrove Cover Changes Using Satellite Images in Qeshm Island, Iran September 2017
Quantifying Habitat Fragmentation Due to Road Networks in and around Protected areas in Western Part of Isfahan Province, Iran September 2017
Ecological Impact Assessment of Roads Network on Natural Habitats of Central Iran using SPROADI Landscape Index September 2017
Identification of Priority Areas of Connectivity Conservation for Wild Sheep (Ovis orientalis isphahanica) in Central Iran September 2017
Securing Protected Areas in Iran in the Face of Climate and Land use Change October 2015
Wildlife Corridor as Conservation Management Tool to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change April 2015
Importance of biodiversity in Environmental Impact Statements of Dams and Water Transferring Projects in Iran February 2013
Analysis of Landscape Pattern Changes in Isfahan City during the Last Two Decades September 2012
“Rangeland Degredation and its Impacts on Water Quality in Zayandehroud River Basin September 2012
“Application of SWOT Analysis in Strategic Environmental Planning: A Case Study of Isfahan/ Iran September 2012
Landscape-scale impacts of Isfahan’s west freeway on Ghamishloo wildlife refuge, Iran August 2011
Spatiotemporal changes of Zayandehroud river water quality in response to change in landscape pattern August 2011
Impacts of land use and climatic changes on dust emission in south-west of Iran August 2011
Analysis of soil heavy metal pollution and landscape pattern in Nahavand, Iran. August 2011
Trends in plant species richness and habitat quality in calcareous fens in the Swiss pre-Alps September 2007
Significant effects of patch geometry and spatial arrangement of wetland ecosystems on plant diversity August 2007
Recent increase in plant species richness in mountainous wetland habitats August 2007
Evolution of seed size as a function of fragmentation in an experimental Arabidopsis metapopulation December 2006
Effects of landscape patterns on species composition in fragmented wetlands in Switzerland September 2005
Altitudinal shifts in plant species distribution as a consequence of climate change in pre-alpine regions of Switzerland September 2005
A study on the feasibility of establishing a habitat corridor for large herbivores between Mooteh and Ghameshloo Wildlife Refuges, Esfahan Province, Iran September 2003

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