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Wildlife study design. Translated by M. Malekian & S. Fakheran (2012). Jahad Daneshgahi Mashhad Pub. Iran. 412p.


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Authors: Michael L. Morrison, William M. Block, M. Dale Strickland, Bret A. Collier, Markus J. Peterson

Wildlife Study Design provides researchers and resource managers with a comprehensive guide to planning new studies by covering all aspects of study design, including surveys of major types of studies and variables, impact assessment, statistics, sampling techniques, inventorying and monitoring, and analysis of data. The book includes a practical, step-by-step guide to setting up a new study, minimal mathematical notation, and examples drawn from field research in order to make applied animal ecology both accessible and relevant. This new edition includes substantial new and updated content, including an increase in the number of non-terrestrial vertebrate examples, a glossary of terms, expanded chapter summaries and additional examples in text boxes for easy reference. Resource managers, researchers, and students of wildlife and conservation biology will find this book a fundamental resource for implementing and evaluating appropriate studies.






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