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Supervised Thesis



Thesis Supervision


Shekoofeh Nematallahi




Malakoutikhah, S., A Landscape Scale GAP Analysis for Designing  Isfahan Protected Area Network. (Supervisor)

Bagheri, A., Developing Ecological Compensation Plan for the Impacts of Isfahan’s West Freeway on Ghamishloo wildlife Refuge. (Supervisor)

Darvishi, A., Monitoring Land Use Change and Developing Adaptive Management Strategies in Arasbaran Protected Area.  (Supervisor)


Bihamta, N., Land Cover Patterns Analysis in the Central Part of Isfahan Using Landscape Metrics. (Co-Supervisor)

Khalifipour. H., Application of Incorporated SWOT and ANP Models in Environmental Strategic Planning, Case Study: Isfahan Province.(Co-Supervisor)

Doregar, R., Determining Priority Areas for Ecological Restoration in Khojir National Park (Supervisor)

Rohani, P., Quality Assessment of Environmental Impact Statements of Dams and Water Transferring Projects in Iran (Supervisor)


Makky, T., Ecological Impact Assessment of Isfahan’s West Freeway on Ghamishloo Wildlife Refuge. (Supervisor)

Bateni, F., Effect of Landuse Chanege on Zayandehroud River Water Quality. (Supervisor)

Hamedani, P., Modelling Wintering Habitat Suitability of Asiatic Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis macqueenii) at Landscape Scale.  (Advisor)


Afraz, R., Assessment of Soil Pollution at Landscape Level, Case Study of Nahavand Domains. (Advisor)

GhasemiNejad, S., Drought Risk Assessment in Isfahan Province. (Advisor)

Zaeri, A., Change Detection of Impervious Surfaces in Isfahan Metropolitan area. (Advisor)







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